Engine is a heart of an automobile. It must be kept clean all the time.
UNI FILTER is made out of two-layer poly-urethane foam. Poly-urethane foam has 95-97% of blank space.
It has honeycomb-shape body with numerous small holes. UNI FILTER is a higher-power UNI Air Filter that made out of poly-urethane foam treated with UNI Fix Oil.


 Improve engine power


Your car can run over the hill easily with improved combustion efficiency by enough air inhalation.

 Far less engine ware


UNI FILTER filters dirt and dust particles of 1-3M size.

 Extended life-span of engine oil


Since UNI FILTER inhale only clear air, it prevents engine oil from getting dirt.

 Prevent engine from overheating


UNI FILTER's high-power ventilation-effect works as a Inter Cooler.

 Cutting gas consumption


UNI FILTER cut 10% of gas consumption for four-wheel drive, turbo and diesel engine, and 7% for automobiles that use gasoline or LPG. Especially UNI FILTER works better at high speed.

 Economy and convenience


You can save 30-50% of cost and you don't have to dust off the Air Filter frequently.

 Environmental protection


UNI FILTER decrease automobile exhaust gas by raising combustion efficiency. Waste is also lowered to 1/6 level.